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Welcome to Worksite Wellness of PA!

About Us

​Worksite Wellness of PA is based out of the Lehigh Valley and has been providing on-site soft tissue management and post offer exam services for 5 years. What started out as a 2-hour-a-week trial of soft tissue management for a local manufacturing plant has grown exponentially and continues to grow.

Worksite Wellness of PA is a professional company that has highly trained healthcare providers that deliver on-site musculoskeletal treatment and pain relief. Our preventative, outcome-based approach can substantially save employers time and money that could otherwise result in surgeries, expensive tests, and use of pharmaceuticals. At the same time, employees are happier, healthier, and more productive.

Dr. Ryan Gilroy, DC, BS was born and raised in the Northeastern Pennsylvania cities of Hazleton and Tamaqua. He graduated from The Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology. While at Penn State, Dr. Gilroy was active with the college Tae Kwon Do team and was named Collegiate National Champion in 2002. He also trained at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado and competed internationally.

Dr. Gilroy received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from New York Chiropractic College in Seneca Falls, NY with Dean’s List status. He was chosen to participate in an honors rotation at the VA Hospital in Buffalo, NY providing comprehensive chiropractic services to local veterans. Dr. Gilroy is trained in Kinesiotaping, a technique that is widely used by athletes to reduce pain, enhance performance and prevent injury. Dr. Gilroy has special interest in treating athletes for injury rehabilitation and performance enhancement in addition to providing family wellness care.

Dr. Gilroy is honored to serve the community of Bath and the Greater Lehigh Valley as a healthcare provider. Outside of the office, Dr. Gilroy enjoys hunting, playing golf and running. He has completed five marathons including the 2012 Boston Marathon, and enjoys competing in many local races as well.

Dr. John Martin is a philosophy-major-turned-chiropractor. He trained in a variety of settings, from the Connecticut VA Hospital system, to integrated primary care settings, and private practice. He practices evidence-based medicine and loves to look for alternative, market-disruptive ways of delivering care to stay on the cutting edge and to address real needs of real patients. This spurred him first to develop a housecall practice, and now to join forces with Dr. Gilroy and Worksite Wellness of PA.

Dr. Martin lives in Danielsville, PA with his wife and children.

Dr. Gilroy – Founder

Dr. Gilroy consults and works with corporations on prevention of and recovery from musculoskeletal injuries and several other soft tissue injuries. His method helps companies attain their wellness goals by not only helping employees but by reducing medical costs, reducing lost time and improving overall employee morale.

Dr. John Martin – Director

Post Offer Physicals

Worksite Wellness of PA provides post offer physicals consisting of:

  • A medical history to cover past injuries, health problems or medications which may put the employee at risk of injury.
  • Vital signs.
  • Spinal range of motion testing.
  • Spinal, shoulder, and hip orthopedic testing.
  • Neurologic exam including reflexes and motor strength.
  • Vision test.
  • Strength testing for ability to lift and carry 25 lb. and 50 lb.
  • Urine drug and alcohol testing.

This can be performed on-site or off-site at our offices, and tailored to the needs of a particular company.

Soft Tissue Management

Industrial massage is reducing OSHA reportable injuries, reducing Worker’s Compensation claims, increasing employee morale, and saving companies enormous amounts of money.

How does the service work, and how does it reduce OSHA recordable injuries and medical claims?

Proactive and Reactive

  • Industrial massage is a service delivered on-site by our licensed chiropractic physicians.
  • Employees spend 10-15 minutes with the chiropractor for evaluation and soft tissue therapy.
  • The service is utilized both proactively to prevent injuries, as well as when an injury or painful problem actually arises.

Repetitive stress turns into sprain/strain injuries. Whether it is lifting, swinging a hammer, twisting a handle, or even sitting and typing for hours, repetitive movements wear out muscles and joints and create muscle imbalances that cause pain and leave the body vulnerable to injury.

Soft tissue therapies can reverse and heal muscle, tendon and joint problems. Outright injury and the aches and pains that precede can be stopped in their tracks.

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Our services get results.

Worksite Wellness of Pennsylvania provides services that turn into 50-80% reduction in injuries. That’s less time lost, fewer medical claims, and reduced premiums on Worker’s Compensation insurance.

Sample monthly report for a small manufacturing company

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